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Job Description:

The Foreman is responsible for installation and management of projects. The foreman is responsible for completing installations with great precision and business minded efficiency.

Essential Functions:

  • Direct activities on the job site, they include but are not limited to: coordinating work flow, hands on work, and operating a variety of machinery
  • Manage personnel effectively and efficiently.
  • Communicating production goals (and other items) with crew members, supervisors, and clients
  • Train and promote the development of subordinates in the best practices of installation and company standards
  • Monitor all tools, equipment and machinery for needed maintenance
  • Track and record all job expenses, including but not exclusively materials and hours worked
  • Maintain a clean and safe job site at all times
  • Other duties as required


  • Supervises and manages crew.
  • Ensures that each crew member is trained appropriately for each designated job assignment
  • Participates in and conducts all job site safety briefings with crew members
  • Ensures that all crew members utilize all required personal protective equipment
  • Understands and instructs crew members on proper job site security procedures
  • Ensures that all installation work is performed in accordance with industry and company standards
  • Ensures that all equipment safety and maintenance procedures are followed
  • Performs administrative functions pertaining to crew management
  • Interacts with clientele in order to help ensure job satisfaction
  • Understands financial aspects of each job assignment
  • Supervises all crew members during the performance of all assigned work
  • Leads by example
  • Reports for duty at the designated location on time each day
  • Follows directions from supervisor
  • Ensures that all safety rules and company safety policies are adhered to
  • Participates in all safety training sessions offered, asks questions, and improves job safety skills
  • Communicates well with all crew members, supervisor and client
  • Strives to improve job skills and develop the potential for upward mobility
  • Monitors all tools equipment and machinery for needed maintenance
  • Track and record all job expenses and hours worked accurately
  • Maintain clean and safe job site
  • Trains crew members the development in the best practices of installation in company standards
Posted on March 12, 2015

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